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PWNY Painting and Power Washing

We are a professional painting company that specializes in residential, commercial painting and power washing services.

We treat our customers and their homes with respect. Your belongings are protected from any potential damage.

We always deliver a premium quality service based on honesty, loyalty, and experienced craftsmanship.

All jobs are completed on time and each job site is cleaned thoroughly at the end of the day.

We are happy to give free estimate at any time. References are available upon request.

We have done many projects in Long Island, NY.

Thank you,

Patrick Washington


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Power Washing Services

We've been fighting dirt and grime for over 15 years. From driveways & decks to whole amusement parks.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Bringing new life to your home's exterior is an exciting way that we can show off our unique talents.

Commercial Painting

Non-residential painting projects, including both small and large institutional, industrial and retail jobs.

Roof Cleaning Service

Low pressure roof cleaning is a very effective technique for cleaning roofs and can be done without causing damage to shingles.



Painting Specialists

Some might think that painting is an uncomplicated job. While that might be true for a less-than-excellent provider, the exceptional painting services that Carlos Painter delivers requires an intimate knowledge of varied techniques and principles as well as experience working with all different types of home, commercial and industrial settings. We bring true painting knowledge to the table and you'll see the difference from the first moment.



Respecting Customers

Bringing painting contractors to your property and inside your home is probably not your idea of a good time. We understand the nervousness that comes with this process and all of our employees have been well-trained to respect you, your furnishings and your entire house with the same courtesy they would expect at their own home. Fully insured and licensed in Long Island, we take every step needed, including post-job cleanup, to show you our respect.


If you don't see the painting service you're looking for, give us a call and we'll be able to either come up with a solution or point you in the right direction.


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